Ryobi 40 Volt Electric Chainsaw Second Year Review
377 views · May 26, 2022
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We've had our Ryobi 40 Volt Chainsaw for 2 years, there were a few problems and if you saw our last video of our firepit review you saw that. We hit the trails in our jeep with our Ryobi Electric Chainsaw in search of firewood. We then cut a 12-inch log with the Ryobi 40 Volt Chainsaw having a 14-inch bar.

On the Jeep trail, we get a little close with some of Florida's wildlife. We see things that bite, discover a boat that was dumped in the woods, and find a bounty of wood. We really put the Electric Chainsaw to the test cutting many types of wood.

If you like this Ryobi 40 Volt Electric Chainsaw:

Review of Fire Pit:

Jump To:
0:49 Going to the Jeep Trail to get Firewood with Ryobi Chainsaw.
1:36 See snake on Jeep Trail, still not sure what kind of snake it is.
1:44 Abandon boat on Jeep Trail.
2:10 Cutting pallet wood on Jeep Trail with Ryobi Chainsaw.
3:11 Cutting Logs with Ryobi Chainsaw in woods, a lot of ants.
4:22 Son unloading and moving all the wood cut with Ryobi Chainsaw.
4:50 Cutting a 12-inch long with 14-inch bar Ryobi Chainsaw.
6:57 Final thoughts on Ryobi Chainsaw with 14-inch bar on 2-year review.

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