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How To Install Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit With Shocks "Rear Only" || Jeep Mods E41
460 views · May 20, 2022
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How we installed the Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit with Shocks on the rear of our jeep. 
Since there are no steering components on the rear suspension so the installations was a breeze! We did have a few human errors during the install, but we hope you learn from our mistakes and your Rough Country 4-inch lift kit install good much quicker.

The one thing I like about the 4-inch Rough Country lift kit is that you don't need a longer driveshaft or a slip yoke eliminator. With the angeled shims on the leaf spring pointing the pinion more toward the transfer case and the one-inch drop installed on the transfer case, we are good. If you want to see how we dropped our transfer case you can either go to the link below or wait until we release the full video for the installation of this lift.

How To Install 1-inch Transfer Case Drop Kit -
How To Install Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit With Shocks "Front Only" -
How To Fix Shifter After Transfer Case Drop Or Body Lift -
How To Remove Stuck Pitman Arm -

Parts and Tools:
Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit with Shocks:
Conical Pitman Arm Puller:
Milwaukee 18-Volt Drill and Impact Driver Kit:
Husky Mechanics Tool Set:

Kit Includes. The Rough Country 4-inch Suspension Lift Kit includes leaf springs, bump stops, drop brake line relocation brackets, track bar drop brackets, sway bar links, N2 shock absorbers, a power steering pitman arm, and a transfer case. This kit allows you to upgrade your vehicle with larger tires without cutting or trimming the fenders.

Function. The leaf spring is double tapered and has Teflon pad inserts. It offers articulation for smooth on- and off-road performance. The tubular transfer case drop included in this Jeep Wrangler YJ suspension lift kit efficiently maintains correct driveshaft angles for a wobble-free ride. The N2 shock absorbers ensure smooth highway drive and better performance on irregular terrain.

Application. This Rough Country 4 inch Suspension Lift Kit with Shocks is designed for 1987-1995 Jeep Wrangler YJs with Manual or Power Steering. Please select your proper fitment from the options above.
Freight Notes. Freight items can only be shipped within the continental 48 states, with no expedited methods.

Fitment: 198719881989199019911992199319941995 Details

Rough Country 620MN2

Jump To:
00:00 Install Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Lift Kit Rear Intro
02:01 Moving Rear Brake Down Line For 4-inch Lift
02:23 Removing Rear U-Bolts On Jeep YJ
02:57 Removing Rear Leaf Springs On Jeep YJ
03:51 Removing Rear Shocks On Jeep YJ
04:22 Removing Rear Track Bar On Jeep YJ
04:45 Installing 4-inch Lift  Rear Leaf Springs On Jeep YJ
06:57 Installing Raised  Leaf Spring Bump Stop On Jeep YJ
08:36 Install Track Bar Relocation Mount On Jeep YJ
10:51 Install Rear Shocks On Jeep YJ
12:27 Final Check After Install On Rough Country $-inch Lift
13:41 Our Thoughts On This Rough Country 4-Inch Suspension Install 
 16:24 Bloopers And Outtakes During The Rear Install Of Rough Country 4-inch Lift On Jeep Wrangler YJ

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