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Setting Up Multiple Amplifiers And Capacitor To DC Bus Bars
514 views · May 18, 2022
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Setting up two amplifiers and a capacitor to power a DC bus bar distribution center. As opposed to wiring everything to the capacitor, this is a much safer and cleaner option. In addition, you will be able to expand your car audio system in the future.

Parts And Tools Used:
4 Post Power Distribution Block Bus Bar Pair -
Battery Cable wire Lug Crimping Tool with Cable Cutter -
AWG Copper Wire Lugs with Heat Shrink Set -
SoundBox SCAP2D, 2.5 Farad Digital Capacitor -

In most cases, when wiring up a bus bar, heavy gauge wire comes from the battery and lighter gauge wires are used to connect accessories. As a result, your accessories, in our case stereo amplifiers, will have the power they need to run effectively. Underpowering your accessories can shorten their life and who wants that. 

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We wired our monoblock amplifier for our subwoofers with the same gauge as our battery supply cable. The additional power that the amp required was compensated for by wiring a capacitor to the bus bar. Additionally, capacitors extend the life of the battery since they minimize power spikes.

Once the bus bar has been installed, do a final check to make sure everything is tight. In order not to blow a fuse, we disconnected the capacitor positive cable from the bus bar. We then connected the battery that was powering everything but the capacitor and made sure that everything worked.

Once we are sure there are no issues, we can now charge and connect our capacitor to the bus bar. To do this we used jumper cables connecting the positive cable to the battery. Using the other side of the positive jumper cable, we connected it to the positive wire on the capacitor. Sparks fly and the capacitor is charged. It can now be connected to the bus bar. Using this method is much faster than using a resistor, and you will not blow the inline fuse at the battery.

00:00 Setting Up Multiple Amplifiers And Capacitor To DC Bus Bars
01:26 Disconnect Car Battery And Discharge Capacitor
02:02 Making Ground Cable For Bus Bar
05:56 Connecting Capacitor to Bus Bar
07:36 Wiring Up Amplifiers
09:30 Running Positive Cable From Battery To Bus Bar In Jeep
10:30 Separate Audio Cables From Power Cables
11:51 How To Charge Audio Capacitor Easy
12:57 Our Thoughts Of the Install And Banter
17:36 Bloopers And Outtakes

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