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Install Electric Tankless Water Heater E01 || Review Atmor Thermopro
809 views · Jun 7, 2022
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Well, we did it, installed an Atmor Thermopro 24K Tankless water heater and we are going to take you along as we do it. We will review what it took to install  Atmor tankless water heater and the challenges we had during our install.
We have more videos on what it cost and our opinion of this vs a tank water heater. I have listed the parts we got from Amazon, the rest was just easier and cheaper from HomeDepot. 

One Year Review Video:
Budget Video:
Opinion Video
Review || Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Blog Post:

All the part and were we got them, hope this helps you if you want to upgrade, or you need a new water heater as we did.

Atmor AT-910-24TP AT-D24TP-AZ ThermoPro 24 kW / 240V 4.6 GPM Digital Thermostatic Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater, 24kW/240V, Gray
Link for this product:

Southwire 63949221 25' 8/3 with ground Romex brand SIMpull residential indoor electrical wire type NM-B, Black
Link for this product:

 Tankless Water Heater Flush Kit 3/4" Lead Free Isolation Service Valves 3/4-Inch Temperature Pressure Relief Valve for Hot Water Heaters Single Handle Full Port IPS Isolator Brass NSF-61
Link for this product:

HomeDepot we spent $156 on these parts:
3 40 amp Breakers $66
2 24 inch flex hoses $22
Rest of HomeDepot cost:
10-foot CPVC 
10-foot Conduit
Concrete Screws
Brackets for pipe
Inserts for Breaker box

00:00 Install Electric Tankless Water Heater Intro
01:43 Explain How To Mount Tankless Water Heater On Wall
02:23 Fitting Tankless Water Heater Breakers In Breaker Box
03:44 Installing The Pipe And Valves For A Tankless Water Heater
04:26 Install Conduit From Breaker Box To Tankless Water Heater
05:00 Explaining The Install Of A Tankless Water Heater
08:00 Wiring A Tankless Water Heater
18:00 Plumbing A Tankless Water Heater
32:00 Turn Water Final Thoughts For Tankless Water Heater

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Atmor AT-910-24TP AT-D24TP-AZ ThermoPro 24 kW / 240V 4.6 GPM Digital Thermostatic Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater 24kW/240V Gray

Specially equipped to heat incoming water as low as 37°f at 2.45 gpm
Easy to use digital temperature control in 1-degree increments
Requires three 40 amp double pole breakers
Warranty: 7 years against leakage and 2 years parts
High quality stainless steel interior components

The ATMOR thermopro tankless water heater revolutionizes water heating with self modulating technology that provides unlimited hot water when you need it, without the wait. Advanced technology regulates the amount of energy required to heat the water. This delivers major savings on energy bills and lowers water consumption. The easy-to-use digital panel allows full control with the power to make temperature adjustments down to the exact degree for the perfect water temperature. Compact, space-saving design requires no venting and can be installed anywhere inside your home or garage. Unit is IP54 certified to keep internal components safe and dry. Durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel interior assembly allow for heating efficiency and longer life expectancy. Perfect for moderate to warm climates, the 24Kw/240V, 4.6 gpm capacity is ideal for small to medium sized homes that will be running up to 4 applications at once, such as: 2 Showers (1.5 gpm/shower head), 1 kitchen sink (1 gpm), and 1 bathroom sink (.5 gpm) at inlet temperatures of 73 degrees F. Colder climates that require a higher temperature rise will reduce the amount of applications and GPM (gallons pers minute). Choosing your tankless heater depends on your incoming water temperature, flow rate, number of applications and your desired output temperature.  Colder inlet water temps require a much higher temperature rise.
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