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Installing Thrush 3 Stage Muffler, Love The Sound
746 views · Jun 23, 2022
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Installing the Thrush 3 Stage Muffler to replace the Total Flow 2 Stage Muffler and the sound difference is great. The change was made because our son prefers to hear his stereo over the exhaust sounds. I would say he is growing up, but he then told me he wants to install straight pipe cutoffs. 

This is the complete exhaust system we put under this jeep:

Thrush Three Chamber Muffler

TOTALFLOW Two-Chamber Muffler

Hitachi Angle Grinder

Walker Down Pipe

Walker Tail Pipe

2.25 Inch U-Bolt Muffer Clamp

Totalflow Muffler Install:

Universal Catalytic Converter

The Thrush 3 Stage Muffler has a much smoother lower tone at idle even on a 2.5 liter 4 banger. When you get on it behind the wheel you can barely hear it with the radio on and much less popping when you let off the gas. Just doesn't sound like a rice racer anymore, closer to factory sound yet a touch deeper.

The supplier says this will give your ride that muscle car sound, and while this is a far cry from a muscle car, it is a very affordable solution. Hope you like this and follow us for more content we create.

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